Laurence Galerie de Chocolat


The scope

The brief that got everything started.

Laurence Galerie de Chocolat is a premium chocolate manufacturer, based in Greece and exporting all over the world, a company rapidly evolving, with tradition that reaches back to 1922. Their name is equivalent to high quality and luxury, while their innovative products usually get imitated soon after their launch.

Laurence Galerie de Chocolat asked us to take on their brand image upgrade, starting with their website, and carrying on with their packagings, brochures, and social media ads & management.

Our work

What we did to turn the project into a success.

Brand Strategy

The brand interviews we conducted with the client, revealed that this was a premium luxury brand. And, while it was pretty classic and vintage romantic, it actually needed to express its subtle modernism. Their core business goal was to expand their market presence, and the brand strategy was definitely to increase their superior status and influence in the industry.

Brand Expression


Prior to anything, we had to have great pictures in our hands; without fantastic raw materials, it's almost impossible to create fantastic outcomes. So, we organised, art directed, and curated, a series of studio photo shootings, in collaboration with our partnering professional photographers (The F Studio).


The company had a really old and outdated website. So, when we took them on as clients in 2015, we designed and built an impressive website, well structured and functional, which encouraged user experience into exploring the product categories. The main menu simplified the navigation and minimised the number of clicks that take for a user to visit the category they want.


Designing for Laurence Galerie de Chocolat was like coming from another era. We went on a journey that derives from classic luxury, glides through romantic moods, and reaches a timeless outcome. Simply put: vintage die-cuts, chic silver foils, romantic elements, dark and pastel hues.

Catalogue & Brochures

Just like with the packagings, we designed their main product catalogue and brochures in a classic/modern style.

Social Media marketing & management

Throughout the years of our collaboration with Laurence Galerie de Chocolat, we implemented a extended Social media marketing plan with ad campaigns and management, allowing them to expand their online reach and build strong relationships with new audiences.

The outcome

The happiness part :)

Having worked with us for more than five years, Laurence Galerie de Chocolat scaled to another level. While, their older clients saw a huge aesthetic optimisation in their profile, their new ones got to know a brand well designed and consistently managed.

And we, happily and proudly, lived up to our promise ― that we would massively upgrade their brand image.


We wanted to evolve our brand image, and you did exactly that! You always strive for the best, and we love that.”

Efi Karida, Laurence Galerie de Chocolat

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