Olea Company


The scope

The brief that got everything started.

Olea Company is a new dynamic company in olive production, based in Ormylia, Halkidiki, Greece, with a story that goes back to 1996.

Dimitris Gourgouris chose us because he and his team needed to build a strong brand, in order to launch their startup in a highly price-competitive global market. And, right from the start, we realised that it would be a brand we would truly love for its integrity, passion, and devotion.

Our work

What we did to turn the project into a success.

Brand Strategy

Our Brand Compass analysis, the first step in our branding process, revealed the brand's essence ― honesty. It is a brand that inspires trust, and lives with authenticity and integrity.

Thus, the tagline we created, 'Partners in honesty'. Straightforward and true to the bone, in an industry that actually suffers from dishonesty.

Brand Visuals

Working on the brand essence, we built upon this differentiating factor of honesty, and developed the 'holiness' concept for their logo. The 'holy' olive. An olive with a halo.

So clear that it's transparent, with no unnecessary lines. And so simple that has no colour; it adjusts to any context.

An honest concept, for sure. One that does not cheat or overpromise. One that serves quality with integrity, and communicates trust through clarity.

And, since the brand communicates with kindness, simplicity, and truth, without pretending to be formal, we shaped a visual identity that is clear, sharp, and bold.

Brand Expression


As a startup, Olea Company needed primarily a short corporate presentation, in order to showcase their initial product range. Thus, after organising an appropriate portrait shooting, we designed a folded 4-page brochure in a way that supported their strategic message, while helping them present themselves differently, more human, and with an anthropocentric approach to layout and copywriting.


Modern, minimal, slick, absolutely and clearly branded. Simple, but carefully designed. Straightforward impression of a contemporary dynamic company with a lot of confidence.


We built their custom website in a way that tells the brand story. All copy was written live, on design and not in vitro, thus, we were able to express the unique brand manifesto throughout the whole narrative, visually and verbally. And, so, while keeping the navigation simple and easy, we made sure the brand message remained crystal clear. (visit website)

Sales funnel for Email Marketing

Branding does not stop at design (and we very much keep on blogging about that). A brand is a promise. And, in order to honour that promise, every little brand detail must follow ― Indeed, everything matters.

Last but not least, we composed all necessary emails and digital letters, along with a corporate presentation in pdf format (corporate media kit, we could say), that would be sent out to prospects, following a specially designed sales funnel, maximising the positive effect.

This way, we helped our client reach their B2B audience abroad, in the best way possible, optimising brand experience for their leads, while keeping the brand promise alive.

The outcome

The happiness part :)

Doing our job, to help Olea Company build and launch, we didn't constrain ourselves within the narrow field of identity design. We were here for them, right from the beginning, with brand marketing, strategy, and design, to give them all necessary background to overcome the tough competition ― guiding them in clearly shaping the brand first inside their hearts, and changing their mindset.

Yes, Olea Company is certainly a new brand in the market. But it is definitely not a weak one, because we made absolutely sure it is a clear one.


Truth be told, we were expecting just a logo and some colours, to be simply placed on brochures, packagings, and offices... What you delivered was far more than we ever dreamed of. Amazing work, well done, congrats!!!

Dimitris Gourgouris, Olea Company

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