Ouzounis Medical


The scope

The brief that got everything started.

Ouzounis Medical has a massive 30 years of expertise in aesthetic medical supplies. When they came to us, they were in deep need of coherent branding. Although their name equaled quality, their brand image was significantly poor. This made it extremely difficult for them to compete with competitors who lacked reliability but excelled in brand marketing.

We found that to be deeply unfair. So, we decided to do our best to help them shine.

Our work

This is what we did to turn the project into a success.

Brand Strategy

We started by conducting several brand interviews with the client, trying to find out as much as possible about their situation, needs, strengths, industry, and target audience. It is always very important for us to understand every parameter, so that we come up with the solution that best fits the challenge.

Thus, after the analysis, the strategy was clear: as a serious company with a modern, dynamic profile, they needed an excellent set of well crafted marketing materials to boost brand awareness and empower their sales team.

Brand Expression


For enhancing their sales process, we created a series of product brochures, specially designed to give their clients ―doctors and cosmetologists― an impressive overall look of product features and technologies.


This was undoubtedly the brand's greatest challenge ― the client was really counting a lot on their online profile. The website had to be full of information, yet presented in an interesting and beautiful way that would please and satisfy the visiting doctors, rather than scare them off with raw and indifferent technicalities.

So, we designed and built it, even better than they ever hoped for. Beauty and technology, together, side by side. (visit website)

Online marketing

On top of the website creation, we are also in charge of the rest of the brand's online expression ― Social Media management, Social ad campaigns, and Email marketing. Building upon the main strategy, we are working very closely with the client, on an ongoing quarterly basis and with specific goals.

Strategically focused ad campaigns, combined with thematic and targeted newsletters, deliver an enormous impact on the client's sales efficiency, while constantly nurturing new incoming leads. (visit Facebook, visit Instagram)

The outcome

The happiness part :)

Before they came to us, Ouzounis Medical was a business with great expertise but weak brand image. Within the first year of working together, we've managed to build strong brand foundations, and massively increase brand awareness within their industry.

Moreover, we are more than happy to have provided them with all necessary marketing tools to efficiently communicate with their audience, boosting their reach and sales success.


Two Yellow Feet exceeded our expectations by far. I totally recommend them to any brand looking for a serious branding partner.

Aggelos Ouzounis, Ouzounis Medical

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