The Law of Success Publishing


The scope

The brief that got everything started.

The Law of Success Publishing house crossed the threshold at Two Yellow Feet because they were dissatisfied with all their previous designing and branding efforts. They had to make a visual impact to confirm their title The Law of Success in 16 Lessons in the Greek market.

But, most of all, they needed to build a strong brand as a business foundation.

So, the book cover itself was the first great challenge. The magnificent work of Napoleon Hill was written in 1928, and coincided with the era of the Great Gatsby; It was born of the pure-line concept of motion, and geometry bedazzled with a hint of gold. The company required a contemporary book cover that also retained the elements of the period in which it was originally written.

Our work

What we did to turn the project into a success.

Brand Strategy

We could not stress this enough ― there can be no successful branding efforts, without prior strategic analysis.

After conducting several brand interviews, the brand's main strategic message was summarised in the following phrase: 'You can do it, if you believe you can!'. Thus, our main goal would be to communicate the philosophy of achievement to the public, providing them with the methodology and tools to make their life a great success.

Brand Visuals

We researched the design style of the 1930’s and surrendered to its influencing magic. The core of the cover emerged from a chrysalis of thought to reveal the symbol of transformation that depicts a butterfly. It is centrally placed to rest on equilateral triangles which symbolise creativity, harmony and conclusion. We also added a touch of playfulness by incorporating repeating numbers to mirror the aspect of sixteen lessons contained in the book.

And thus, the brand took flight on the flutter of a wing. The geometric butterfly made a huge impression as an iconic symbol for The Law of Success. Applied on the corporate identity, brochures, bags, book trailers, videos and social media covers, it is now the main identifying feature on all products relating to the company. Further more, the simplistic form of the butterfly has now become the logo of the Publishing House itself.

Brand Expression

Book trailer

What better way to introduce the book's philosophy to the greek audience, than an animated video? We designed the book trailer, in the same art-deco geometric style, with graphic animation and custom-designed music score.

Video spots

To build further brand awareness, we worked with the famous greek jeune-premier actor, Stratos Tzortzoglou, to write, film and produce a series of video spots, promoting the brand philosophy further more.

Online marketing

Within the scope of website traffic and brand awareness increase, we went on gradually implementing an inbound marketing strategic plan for The Law of Success Publishing: Content marketing, Landing pages, SEO, Social media, Marketing automation, Email campaigns, Lead nurturing strategies, Marketing analysis. Whatever the unknown user needs throughout their journey into becoming a buyer, a reader and, finally, a brand evangelist.

The outcome

The happiness part :)

The Publishing house started off with a book idea rather unknown to the Greek public, and ended up having such a strong and famous brand in their hands, that soon started publishing more successful books on the philosophy. The butterfly image became the iconic symbol of the project, as well as a symbol of publishing quality for the house itself.


“The book "The Law of Success" was a tough bet for us. After several failed attempts, we went to Two Yellow Feet. And we felt perfectly understood, right from the start. The whole brand outcome exceeded by far our expectations. With Two Yellow Feet, you feel like you’ve known them and they’ve known you for years!”

Dimitris Mitsopoulos, The Law of Success Publishing

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