Winemakers of North Greece


The scope

The brief that got everything started.

Wines of North Greece, an innovative union with an amazing tradition and background, was founded in 1993. Composed of the top winemakers of Macedonia, Thrace, and Epirus, its primary role was to exhibit and promote their fine wines to the public, while acting as a beacon of knowledge, expertise and support to its members.

As it commonly happens, over the course of time and while evolving, they lost track of their primary identity and core purpose. Additionally, they faced particular challenges, like the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) area names that should be emphasised in their name and logo, as well as the fact that they wanted to express the superiority of their wines due to their origin, plus their intention to market all of their events under one main brand umbrella.

So, all these years, while trying to solve the problem, they changed their name and their logo, again and again ― in 2009 being their latest try. Yet, in all their rebranding efforts, what they failed to realise is that the main challenge was not just their visual identity; it was their internal identity itself. And they didn't just need a new logo; they needed a brand identity suite.

When they came to us, in 2018, we helped them understand this to its full extend. Thus, we had to define their brand compass, first.

Our work

What we did to turn the project into a success.

Brand Strategy

We were determined to address their rebranding challenge once and for all. So, we started with research and strategic analysis. We conducted a series of branding workshops with them, giving each winemaker adequate space to express themselves and their specific needs and wants. This way, we managed to get everyone on board, engaging and empowering them to take part into shaping their brand’s future.

For the first time, 25 years after their foundation, each and every one of them had the opportunity to understand the importance of their union’s branding and picture the brand as the powerful entity it actually is.

Guided safely through the complex process of rebranding, they successfully set new goals, comprehended brand architecture, realised their alternatives, and made empowered and unified decisions, like altering their name into a more appropriate one ― Winemakers of North Greece ― making a direct connotation to their people and their glorious stories.

Additionally, we created their new tagline ― Leaders create here. A tribute to the superiority of the land and its products, and a promise for the future.

Brand Visuals

After having the strategy well-formed within our hands, designing their new logo was a straightforward task for us. Here's how we based our concept.

Amongst all wine unions in Greece, their characteristic is that they are Northern ― Βόρειοι, in greek language. Thus, the letter B.

We then used the stamp shape as a mental signal of quality and acknowledgement.

And we used negative space to imply a glass of wine, on the left side of the letter B ― have you noticed?

Finally, we preserved the green colours by which they were known for the last 10 years, adding the red colour in the palette.

The concept was especially designed so that it facilitates the endorsed brand architecture they strategically decided to follow.

Winemakers of North Greece logo before and after, by Two Yellow Feet
Οινοποιοί Βορείου Ελλάδος λογότυπο από την Two  Yellow Feet
Οινοποιοί Βορείου Ελλάδος λογότυπο από την Two  Yellow Feet
Οινοποιοί Βορείου Ελλάδος λογότυπο από την Two  Yellow Feet
Οινοποιοί Βορείου Ελλάδος λογότυπο από την Two  Yellow Feet
ΒορΟινά λογότυπο από την Two  Yellow Feet
ΒορΟινά λογότυπο από την Two  Yellow Feet
ΒορΟινά λογότυπο από την Two  Yellow Feet

The outcome

The happiness part :)

Mission accomplished! We take great pride in having solved this great problem, that the Winemakers of North Greece were facing. It was not an easy task, to satisfy all brand and marketing challenges. And, on top of that, having to deal with so many different people with so many different needs, mindsets and opinions, was an absolute handful.

But it was definitely worth it! We absolutely love wine, and it was a project that we totally and thoroughly enjoyed. And so did our beloved client :)


We called you to help us solve a huge and complicated branding problem we faced. You analysed our situation so well and you designed so wonderfully, that the result is amazing. Well done! You've managed an impossible task.

Stelios Boutaris, President, Winemakers of North Greece

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