Xyntaraki Language School


The scope

The brief that got everything started.

When a big competitor makes a move to expand in your area, you only have two options ― either to ignore them and risk your business, or to take drastic measures and be prepared to fight back.

Hara Xyntaraki chose the latter.

Lingua On the Way was a foreign language school with long tradition. Hara herself is a brilliant teacher with wonderful potential and great experience. Located in Halandri, Athens, she found herself before this great challenge ― within months, a fairly big competitor would open a new department, nearby (two blocks down the road, actually). She had to act. Fast.

So, she came to us with a decision to invest in elevating her brand's image.

Our work

What we did to turn the project into a success.

Brand Strategy

Conducting a thorough brand audit over the phone, we immediately understood that the School didn't really have a specific and clear brand message. Yet, its people had so much goodness and expertise to offer.

Thus, we started with the Brand Compass analysis. Soon, after interviews and brainstorming, we discovered their unique value proposition, and crafted it into a simple strategic message: the School is on a mission to inspire kids, first as human beings and then as students. They passionately believe that there is a better way of teaching, and they follow it with authenticity and perseverance.

Expressing this unique and noble aspiration, and building upon the brand's true value, we created the tagline 'Learn different' (as a direct reference to Apple's legendary 'Think different'). We then turned it into a successful #hashtag.

But, first things first. As brand strategists, we really believed and suggested that, for certain strategic reasons and for even greater empowerment, the School needed not only rebranding and repositioning, but also a name change. The client quickly acknowledged the benefits of such a decision, and so it happened ― Lingua On The Way would become Xyntaraki Language School.

And, with that, came a fresh, creative wind of change at all business levels.

Brand Visuals

We wanted to give the brand the seriousness it required, while making it friendly and casual. Additionally, we took into consideration the fact that most of the students were young children. Therefore, for the logo and other graphics, we combined straight fonts with round corners and multiple colouring. This way, we were able to resonate with the kids' psychosynthesis and convey the multinationalism of a language school.

Xyntaraki Language School logo before and after

Brand Expression


The two main brochures we designed target separate audiences, but express the same brand message. We created modern layouts that set the School apart from its competition, showcasing that Xyntaraki Language School really does live up to the promise that it has a different approach in language education.


The School's previous website was insufficient and much outdated, so we designed everything from scratch. Having initially orchestrated the brand's reposition, while carrying the project's greater picture in our minds, we reorganised all content, from structure to copywriting to photography.

Soon, a beautiful new website was created, clearly setting the brand apart from its competition. (Visit here)

The outcome

The happiness part :)

It is actually quite typical of so many businesses, to have great brand value, but low brand clarity. Xyntaraki Language School was such a case. They had so much experience and expertise, proudly offering a really unique service to their students; nevertheless, at the same time, they had such a poor brand image, that it was a real pity.

There's nothing we enjoy more than addressing such branding challenges.

Now, after helping them clarify their value proposition, rebrand, reposition, and strengthen, we're so happy to see them enjoy their fresh and wonderful new image, along with the wind of change it brought with it ― and that's evolution combined with fun!


Two Yellow Feet made me realise the selling point of my brand, and how important it is for me. And, after one year, I can tell you that I feel ever more confident. To be able to receive such kind of force, drive, and motivation, just by working with gifted and completely dedicated people, is hard to find nowadays. For me, working with them was really precious. Thank you very much, Two Yellow Feet, you are highly recommended!

Hara Xyntaraki, Xyntaraki Language School

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