Our story

Brand Specialist certification by Marty Neumeier, Level C

At Two Yellow Feet, we aspire to contribute to a world that is beautiful, meaningful, and connected. This is why we’re on a mission to build authentic brands through clarity, simplicity, and focus.

Pretty straightforward, don’t you think?
Well, it wasn’t always like this.

Hi, I’m Mata Marinidou, Certified Brand Strategist & Rebranding Consultant, founder and principal at Two Yellow Feet.

And I’d like to tell you a story…


Back in 2001, the year Two Yellow Feet was founded, we started out as an advertising agency. For many years, we’d been successfully working with brands, from their birth to their maturity, much as we do today, but without a crystal-clear inner sense of purpose. We did well; yet the truth is that something was missing deep inside our hearts. The passion was there, but the motivation and morale were running low.

Until late 2016.

That’s when life happened, and, out of the blue, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And, as you may very well imagine, everything changed in perspective. And, as a terrified human being, I found myself in desperate need for actual meaning in everyday life and work. As much as possible, as soon as possible. So, somewhere in between chemotherapies, I dared to seriously ask the big questions ― and demand an answer.

Who am I?
Why do I matter?
How is my life’s work important to the world?

It wasn’t easy. It took far too many sleepless nights and countless hours of struggling, searching, reading, testing, analysing, questioning, contemplating. Nevertheless, I made it. And, with the valuable support of my team, our work found its true meaning ― clarity.

So, now I know. And I help other brands find their purpose, as well.

You see, branding is no different than life. Life is better when you know why you live it, brands are better when they know why they exist. And, if we don’t give them meaning, no one will.

Our ethos

This is our system of values. It is how we do what we do.

Empathy - Prior to anything, we feel people.
Differentiation - We very much enjoy being different. Different is good.
Evolution - Our constant quest to learn and grow.
Passion - We absolutely love what we do, putting in it no less than our best.
Reliability - Really (really) serious about this one.
Humour - Laughter makes the world go round ;)

Who we’re here for

Being on the same page with people we work with, is crucial to success ― and happiness.

✓  Businesses that acknowledge the importance and value of branding.
✓  Brands that are vision-oriented and purpose-driven.
✓  CEOs who want to spread their message and help make the world a better place.

Who we’re NOT here for

We’re not meant to be a good fit for every one, and that’s perfectly fine.

✕  Businesses that fail to consider themselves as brands.  
✕  Business owners who are just looking for graphic design or promotion.
✕  Non decision-makers with requests for proposals.


We called you to help us solve a huge and complicated branding problem we faced. You analysed our situation so well and you designed so wonderfully, that the result is amazing. Well done! You've managed an impossible task.

Stelios Boutaris, President, Winemakers of North Greece


“In you, I found the perfect partner. I'm so glad I made this choice, many years ago, and you've been honoring it ever since.”

Vicky Katsarka, St Luke's Private Hospital


"What you delivered was far more than we ever dreamed of. Amazing work, congrats!!!"

Dimitris Gourgouris, Olea Company


“Honestly, those who’ve never met you, are missing so much!”

Lefki Kokota, Happy Teapot


“We wanted to evolve our brand image, and you did exactly that! You always strive for the best, and we love that.”

Efi Karida, Laurence Galerie de Chocolat


“We felt perfectly understood, right from the start. The whole brand outcome exceeded all our expectations.”

Dimitris Mitsopoulos, The Law of Success Publishing


“We are so pleased by your work, we trust you completely. Honestly, well done!”

Sakis Karastratidis, Loco Grill


“Our long-standing collaboration with you gives a timeless surplus value to our company.”

Dr Michalis Papaeconomou, CEO, Agrology


“Exceptional people. Creative, kind, reliable, honest. But, most of all, ones who inspire you to leave everything in their hands.”

Miltos Titakis, The Cue


“You picked up exactly what was on our minds, and delivered what we actually needed but never realised before!”

Natassa Economou, AP Recycling


“Two Yellow Feet exceeded our expectations by far. I totally recommend them to any brand looking for a serious branding partner.”

Aggelos Ouzounis, Ouzounis Medical


“To be able to receive such kind of force, drive, and motivation, just by working with gifted and completely dedicated people, is hard to find nowadays. For me, working with Two Yellow Feet was really precious.”

Hara Xyntaraki, Xyntaraki Language School


“Thank you for doing the branding of my small company and, through your love and genius, taking me to another level!”

Katia Boustani, Global Breathing Awareness


“It was a blessing and truly a pleasure to connect with you. I found it super helpful to go through this experience which helped bring our values and brand to life!! I love your groundedness, your resourcefulness and look forward to an on going collaboration with you.”

Konstantina Kanaroglou, Leadership Coaching

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