Brand Specialist certification by Marty Neumeier, Level C

Branding from chaos to clarity™

We are a strategic rebranding consultancy.
We solve core identity problems for brands, infusing them with clarity, simplicity, and focus. We work with mid-sized companies that want to reposition for real, for success, and for good.

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Your brand’s #1 enemy is lack of clarity.

Don't let it kill your business.

Lack of clarity is the #1 enemy of brands today, drowning them in a sea of sameness. This is causing them to compete on price and shrink their profits, while costing them valuable time and energy.

We provide brands with the strategy and framework they need to reposition and stand out. So that no good company gets lost in the marketplace chaos.

Because clarity creates strong, meaningful, sustainable brands.

Rebrand with clarity

Hi, I'm Mata Marinidou

I’m a Certified Brand Strategist & Rebranding Consultant, founder & principal at Two Yellow Feet. I’ve been personally trained and certified twice by Marty Neumeier ― the world’s leading expert in branding.

But, more than anything, I’m a Brand Clarity Wizard. I love solving core identity problems for companies, infusing their brands with clarity, simplicity, and focus. And my way of doing it is really simple (but not easy): One strategy, one meaning, one message.

I also educate, consult, and mentor leaders and teams on the power of their brand. Because great branding starts from within.

Our approach

At Two Yellow Feet we know for a fact that, in order to survive and succeed in the marketplace, a brand absolutely needs 3 fundamental things:

#1. Deep self-awareness
#2. A clear differentiation
#3. A distinctive identity

So, when we are set to help a brand reinvent and reposition itself, our proprietary 3D™BRAND method addresses these exact fundamental needs.

And the deep internal work we do with the people of the brand, for their brand, enlightens and empowers them for many years to come.

Our 3D™BRAND method

Our bulletproof branding framework towards one strategy, one meaning, one message.

Brand Visuals

the essence

Deep introspection, uncovering the brand’s core identity.

This leads to deep understanding of the brand, what it stands for, how it does business and, most importantly, why.
# Deep self-awareness

Brand Strategy

the strategy

The brand’s strategic and meaningful positioning in the market.

This leads to a clear & precise strategic plan of who the brand will be talking to, what it will be saying, and how it will sound different than the competition.
# Clear differentiation

Brand Expression

the identity

The brand’s verbal, visual, and expressive identity.

This leads to a unique look & feel of the brand on all its touchpoints, that supports and enhances the overall brand strategy.
# Distinctive identity

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How we are different

Generic branding ( = design) ⟶ Specialised in strategic rebranding
We do strategic rebranding. Deep, powerful, meaningful brand transformation. Following our powerful 3D™BRAND method for strong brand repositioning and success. That’s our superpower. We don’t just do brand design without deep brand strategy first.

Marketing generalist ⟶ Certified Brand Strategist & Specialist
Proudly, I am one of the few brand professionals worldwide certified twice, both as a Brand Strategist and a Brand Specialist, by Marty Neumeier himself ― the world’s leading expert in branding.

Large and impersonal ⟶ Boutique and dedicated
Our tiny size is our big advantage. We are a team of two. There is no B-team. Only A-team. Offering 1:1 premium and dedicated brand expertise. Simply put, you get to work with the one you speak with. No delegation to junior team members.

We want to win your business ⟶ We want to help you win
It’s in our philosophy that we don’t care to close more deals with more clients. We care to create great value for our best clients. And, in order to be great, we are selective.

Our branding stories

These are some of our most favourite projects.


We called you to help us solve a huge and complicated branding problem we faced. You analysed our situation so well and you designed so wonderfully, that the result is amazing. Well done! You've managed an impossible task.

Stelios Boutaris, President, Winemakers of North Greece


“In you, I found the perfect partner. I'm so glad I made this choice, many years ago, and you've been honoring it ever since.”

Vicky Katsarka, St Luke's Private Hospital


"What you delivered was far more than we ever dreamed of. Amazing work, congrats!!!"

Dimitris Gourgouris, Olea Company


“Honestly, those who’ve never met you, are missing so much!”

Lefki Kokota, Happy Teapot


“We wanted to evolve our brand image, and you did exactly that! You always strive for the best, and we love that.”

Efi Karida, Laurence Galerie de Chocolat


“We felt perfectly understood, right from the start. The whole brand outcome exceeded all our expectations.”

Dimitris Mitsopoulos, The Law of Success Publishing


“We are so pleased by your work, we trust you completely. Honestly, well done!”

Sakis Karastratidis, Loco Grill


“Our long-standing collaboration with you gives a timeless surplus value to our company.”

Dr Michalis Papaeconomou, CEO, Agrology


“Exceptional people. Creative, kind, reliable, honest. But, most of all, ones who inspire you to leave everything in their hands.”

Miltos Titakis, The Cue


“You picked up exactly what was on our minds, and delivered what we actually needed but never realised before!”

Natassa Economou, AP Recycling


“Two Yellow Feet exceeded our expectations by far. I totally recommend them to any brand looking for a serious branding partner.”

Aggelos Ouzounis, Ouzounis Medical


“To be able to receive such kind of force, drive, and motivation, just by working with gifted and completely dedicated people, is hard to find nowadays. For me, working with Two Yellow Feet was really precious.”

Hara Xyntaraki, Xyntaraki Language School


“Thank you for doing the branding of my small company and, through your love and genius, taking me to another level!”

Katia Boustani, Global Breathing Awareness


“It was a blessing and truly a pleasure to connect with you. I found it super helpful to go through this experience which helped bring our values and brand to life!! I love your groundedness, your resourcefulness and look forward to an on going collaboration with you.”

Konstantina Kanaroglou, Leadership Coaching

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