Loco Grill


The scope

The brief that got everything started.

When the client first came to us, they had great previous experience and tradition in the fast-food industry, and they wanted to create a new fast-food brand, called Loco Grill.

So, commissioned to design its branding, we set out to create and introduce, side by side with the client, a new concept in casual dining.

Our work

What we did to turn the project into a success.

Brand Strategy

As previously explained, there can be no successful branding efforts, without prior strategic analysis.

Therefore, we conducted a series of brand interviews which revealed the brand's strategic message ― unique fast food of premium quality ―, and its genuine personality ― bold and crazy, friendly and funny. And, so, building upon this 'loco' character, we came up with the "On fire, for you" tagline, which was eventually incorporated into the logo itself.

Brand Visuals


We designed the logo with a touch of craziness; a surprised face with cross eyes and flame like hair, to set the image on fire! Genuine, custom, unique. Loco.

Environmental branding

Starting with a single store at the west side of Thessaloniki, the brand grew bigger and, soon, a second proprietary store was created at the east side. Of course, we created the store graphics in both cases, and worked alongside our partnering interior architects (Kaput Design) to enhance the brand consistency and experience, making sure the strategic message stayed coherent.

Brand Expression


To express the brand's uniqueness, every sketch on the packagings is unique and hand drawn, with local humour and vibrant colours. Additionally, heroic burgers demand a theme to match, so the client asked that we use Marvel Heroes consistently on the burger boxes. Packaging papers, plastic bags, little paper bags, napkins; everything is, in fact, loco in act of locomotion!

It was our strategic intention that eating at Loco Grill would become an experience of entertainment and fun.


We also designed the main brochure as an extension of the loco vibe, to include the same hand-made drawings and vibrant colours.


We designed and developed a custom branded website, simple to navigate, with bold typography and colour palette, featuring large photos, a clear menu, and an outgoing connection to their main ordering system. (visit website)

Social Media marketing

Last but not least, we run the brand’s Social Media profiles. It’s a continuous process of building relationships via informative and fun to read posts. It’s a means of stimulating public interest and attracting new customers that can engage in conversation. We also created and capitalised the hashtag #thafamekala, which is Greek for the statement ‘we'll eat well’. (visit Facebook, visit Instagram)

The outcome

The happiness part :)

When they first came to us, the client was planning to open another fast food store in the market. Through analysis and guidance, we helped them see things differently, position his new brand as a premium one in the industry, and build high level of awareness, through intensive branding and communication campaigns.

Thus, we gradually managed to help them grow and expand successfully, while guarding, preserving and enhancing the original brand message, right from the start and every step of the way.


We enjoyed the result very much, and so did our customers. It is exactly the fresh and playful style we wanted. We are very pleased with Two Yellow Feet, we trust them completely. Honestly, well done!

Sakis Karastratidis, Loco Grill

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